Why does Denver Pet Cemetery not perform "Individual" (divided) cremation?

Denver Pet Cemetery encourages our clients to avoid divided cremation. We offer Private cremation if you’d like to receive remains back (and be guaranteed to receive only your animals remains.)

If you do not wish to receive remains back, select a communal cremation. We will scatter the remains at our cemetery so your companion can be at rest with many other similar animals and you can come visit and pay your respects whenever you desire.

The reason we do not perform a divided cremation is it really only benefits the crematory operator. As an operator, with this method we are able to cremate a number of animals in the time it takes to cremate one thus saving a ton of time and enabling us to cremate many more animals in our crematory than we otherwise would be able. But the environment in the crematory is chaotic; there are flames and wind blowing around. Bodies can move during the process. When this “divided” process is complete, there will be distinct piles of remains but they will have been so compromised as to be not really worth keeping in our humble opinion.

Many places do not even attempt to separate, they just cremate together, pulverize together and then divide-up the remains. What is the point of this? It saves the crematory a lot of money but the family receives a fraction of their animals remains.

If you receive a low-priced quote, ask if you can witness the cremation. This is the best way to ensure you receive the correct remains (this applies to human cremation also).