Denver Pet Cemetery & Crematory

Established in 1939, one of the first to provide aftercare for pets in the United States. Denver Pet Cemetery has been bringing departed pets safely home with compassion, respect, and integrity. Since the inception, our cemetery has been a peaceful, tranquil setting for pets, including the world famous, War Hero, Sgt. Geronimo, of the 507th Parachute Infantry.


  • Cremation involves the incineration of the body in a specially-designed furnace, thus reducing the remains to ashes and tiny bone fragments (called "cremains").
  • DENVER PET CEMETRY & CREMATORY returns the cremains to you in a plastic bag that is inside a decorative tin or box.
  • We also offer a section of urns, ornamental boxes, and figurines at an additional cost.


  • If you do not like the idea of having your pet's body cremated or if you would prefer a grave site, then DENVER PET CEMETRY & CREMATORY might be the best option for you.
  • Lay your pet to rest in a peaceful, beautiful setting that you can visit for years to come.
  • Our pet cemetery is maintained and protected with utmost care.


  • When your pet dies, you may wish to collect a lock of hair and/or make a paw print keepsake with ink or clay.
  • DENVER PET CEMETRY & CREMATORY offers this service. The keepsake can be framed along with a photo of your pet so you can treasure the memories.


Friends of Denver Pet Cemetery

The cemetery requires the Time, Treasures and Talents of many individuals to help keep it going. Please prayerfully consider giving where you can. We are also activley seeking corporate sponsorship to help preserve the historic cemetery. If your organization recognizes the value and can help, please contact us!