About Us

24 Hour Pickup/Delivery & Turn-Around

If you are seeking a low-cost, cremation factory that processes so many animals that they have to put metal tags on them to keep them straight, this is not it. We are a small boutique crematory, mortuary and cemetery that works one-on-one with individuals during the most sensitive time. We do this because we love God’s creatures. We permit (and encourage) you to be part of the process. We can have clergy on-site to help console and pray. 

Have a cherished toy or item you’d like cremated with your animal? No problem. Cannot be present but would like to experience the whole process from pickup to scattering? Our videographer can film everything so you may have an eternal rememberance right on your computer. We customize each greiving experiece so you can say farewell on your terms.

Please call to schedule an appointment: 303-288-0177


Understandably, you have a lot of questions surrounding your pet’s after care. No matter who you choose to perform this service for your pet, be sure you ask questions, and that you’re satisfied with the answers before you move forward. Do not let this happen to you. Look to us for your pet cremation services.

Since 1939

Established in 1939, one of the first to provide aftercare for pets in the United States. Denver Pet Cemetery has been bringing departed pets safely home with compassion, respect, and integrity. Since the inception, our cemetery has been a peaceful, tranquil setting for pets, including the world famous, War Hero, Sgt. Geronimo, of the 507th Parachute Infantry.

Because They Loved Us

Pets require attention and dedication, but those are small prices to pay for the amount of physical and mental benefits they bring into our lives. Visit the Virtual Cemetery (Pictures)West-Front | East-Front