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24 Hour Pickup/Delivery & Turn-Around

"Where veterinarians bring their own animals for pet cremation services"

If you are seeking a low-cost, big warehouse that processes so many animals that they have to put metal tags on them to keep them straight, this is not it. We are a small boutique crematory, mortuary and cemetery that works one-on-one with individuals during the most sensitive time. We do this because we love God's creatures. We permit (and encourage) you to be part of the process. We can have clergy on-site to help console and pray. Have a cherished toy or item you'd like cremated with your animal? No problem. Cannot be present but would like to experience the whole process from pickup to scattering? Our videographer can film everything so you may have an eternal rememberance right on your computer. We customize each greiving experiece so you can say farewell on your terms.
To ensure someone is there to meet you, please call to schedule an appointment: 303-288-0177

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Understandably, you have a lot of questions surrounding your pet’s after care. No matter who you choose to perform this service for your pet, be sure you ask questions, and that you’re satisfied with the answers before you move forward. Do not let this happen to you. Look to us for your pet cremation services.

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Since 1939

Established in 1939, one of the first to provide aftercare for pets in the United States. Denver Pet Cemetery has been bringing departed pets safely home with compassion, respect, and integrity. Since the inception, our cemetery has been a peaceful, tranquil setting for pets, including the world famous, War Hero, Sgt. Geronimo, of the 507th Parachute Infantry.

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Because They Loved Us

Pets require attention and dedication, but those are small prices to pay for the amount of physical and mental benefits they bring into our lives. Visit the Virtual Cemetery (Pictures)West-Front | Eest-Front

Our Services

To ensure someone is there to meet you, please call to schedule an appointment: 303-288-0177


Same-Day Private Cremation Services:

Of the three methods of cremation available:
Private (only one animal in the crematory)
Individual* (multiple animals in the crematory divided by bricks or trays - this is the process used 99% of the time by most caregivers)
    *Denver Pet Cemetery does not perform Individual Cremation
Communal (multiple animals undivided)

Denver Pet Cemetery performs a true "Private" cremation service. Your companion will be the only one in the crematory and you are welcome to watch/worship during the entire process. There is no possibility of commingling of remains - you are guaranteed to receive only your pet's ashes.

We perform every cremation as a "Witnessed Cremation."

Your veterinarian will be happy to have cremation performed for you however almost no veterinarian performs cremation in-house (there are a couple). They will send your animal out for a contracted cremation. You may not get your companion back for days. Do not let this happen to you. We offer Same-Day witnessed cremation for your peace of mind.

Carry something of that special companion around with you forever; cremation ash tattoo ink. Our cremains are super-heated and find-ground; perfect for this unique remembrance.


We partner with Adams County Animal Shelter
http://animalshelter.adcogov.org/end-life Euthanasia is $50 from ACAS - after the procedure, we will transport to our facility for further arrangements. We can even pickup from your location and transport to ACAS if necessary.

Burial Prices:

Small Animals (All dogs and Cats, etc): $750
Large Animals (Llamas, Horses, Cows, etc.): $1500
Disinterment: $300
Markers (Granite and Bronze): $500 & up
Caskets: $85 & up

24hr "White-Glove" Residential Pickup/Delivery:

Within Commerce City: $25
Cities of Denver/Aurora/Arvada/Westminster/Thornton/Brighton: $50
Other Metro Cities: $75
Outside Metro: $100

American Flag Retirement:

Cost for Individuals: FREE
When an American flag becomes worn, faded, torn or soiled, it should be retired and replaced with a new flag.
Denver Pet Cemetery will respectfully retire your worn flag free of charge. Simply mail the flag to us or drop off at our facility.
At commencement of the ceremony the Pledge of Allegiance is recited and a moment of silence is observed at conclusion. You (or your Boy Scout Troop or other group) are welcome to join us for this experience. Please inquire as to the next scheduled ceremony.


Same-Day Private Cremation Prices:

Small Pets (Guinea pigs, hamsters, birds, fish, ferrets, hedgehogs,
mice, rats, reptiles): $75

Private Cremation Prices:
Up to 20lbs$150
Up to 40lbs$165
Up to 60lbs$180
Up to 80lbs$195
Up to 100lbs$210
Over 100lbs$210

Price includes certificate of cremation, locket of hair and keepsake velvet bag.
Urns: $20 & up
ClayPaws: $25

Communal Prices:

At Denver Pet Cemetery we never pile bodies on top of each other. We perform our Communal Cremation like an Individual Cremation. Companions are carefully laid resting in an orderly arangement. You are welcome to witness this process, just ask when it will be performed. Ashes from these cremations will be spread in our Cemetery Garden. We do not dispose of cremated remains in the trash. Ask for scattering times to be included in this special time.

Communal Cremation Prices:
Up to 20lbs$30
Up to 40lbs$35
Up to 60lbs$40
Up to 80lbs$45
Up to 100lbs$50
Over 100lbs$50

"Discounts (Military/Service Dogs):

Guide Dogs
Search and Rescue Dogs
K9 Units for police or other government security

"Top of the World" Scattering Ceremony

Inquire about our exclusive "Top of the World" scattering ceremony performed atop Loveland Pass. (subject to participation and weather)

Pre-Need Planning

Will you (or a friend) soon be faced with contemplating after-life arrangements? Purchage a package now and eliminate that extra burden during a difficult time.

Payment is required prior to service being rendered. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Cash or Postal Money Orders.

How To Reach Us

Helping families with end of life care for over 70 years. We look forward to serving you.

To ensure someone is there to meet you, please call to schedule an appointment: 303-288-0177

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Friends of Denver Pet Cemetery

Become a Friend of the Cemetery:

The cemetery requires the Time, Treasures and Talents of many individuals to help keep it going. Please prayerfully consider giving where you can. We are also activley seeking corporate sponsorship to help preserve the historic cemetery. If your organization recognizes the value and can help, please contact us!